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Web Hosting

So What exactly is Web Hosting? well , Web Hosting is an online service that allows you to publish your content to the worldwide web by someone hosting you on their private server. Typically if you want to publish an online article for a small personal blog or page there are a variety of free web hosting services that you can use. In some cases they may publish ads on your page. Whereas Large businesses incur fees to have their content hosted by someone online. Web Hosting forms an integral part of online business .

Subcategories Of Web Hosting

There are a number of different types of hosting-

  • Shared hosting service- A website is put in a server with many different sites hosted on the same server
  • Reseller hosting- This allows customers to become web hosts. Essentially an individual or business rents a server and assigns an allocated amount to be rented or used by other organisations for a fee
  • Virtual private server- This is almost like a sub server as it is a server within a server so to speak. It is similar to a server and those responsible of the virtual server must conduct their own maintenance and upkeep.
  • Dedicated hosting service- This is where full access is given to a server although not full ownership. Essentially admin and control functions can be accessed but the customer is responsible for security of the server and managing it
  • Managed hosting service- In this hosting service the customer/client does not have full system access to the server in order to prevent harmful modifications or errors and this is managed by the hosting service. However remote management tools are still available to the customer. This type of server is rented out to the customer
  • Colocation hosting service- This particular type of hosting is the largest and most expensive. This is when A company allows someone to purchase or rent the server and in return the Colocation company/host provides the storage and facility to host the server rooms and does not really offer any support with regards to the server.
  • Cloud hosting service – Cloud hosting is hosting through several servers in an online space known as the cloud. This spreads data out and is typically cheaper than other hosting options but also potentially more unstable

Web Hosting

Breakdown Of Key Facts

  1. For large businesses looking for large data hosting servers/ domains without needing support Colocation hosting would probably prove the most effective
  2. Shared hosting is effective for smaller businesses and is often accompanied with support from the web host.

Why Should You Outsource Web Hosting?

So overall there are a variety of different reasons why you may want to outsource Web Hosting/support. One of the main benefits of outsourcing is many companies offer full support and guidance through the process. This can save time training additional staff in using IT infrastructure and also time that could be spent on other tasks within the business. Furthermore increasingly web hosting services are becoming cheaper and more accessible.

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