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How to Make Whisky Taste Better For You

If you’ve been wondering how to make whisky taste better, here are some of the most common tips: Dilute it, add bitters, citrus, and ice cubes. Once you’ve mastered these three steps, you can perfect your whisky to its fullest potential. Here are some additional whisky taste improving tricks you can try! Read on to […]

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Making Your Own Whisky At Home

There are a variety of different styles of homemade spirit from all over the world. In this brief article, I will go over some of the most common types of homemade spirits and how they are made. Some of the options include white distilled spirits, brown liquor, Scottish whiskey, and many other options as well. […]

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The History Of Alcohol

There has been much debate concerning the history of alcohol. From the only organic chemical compound found in nature, alcoholic beverages have grown into one of the most prominent and widely consumed beverages in our civilization. Alcohol is so ubiquitous and accepted as a part of our lives that it’s important to understand the history […]

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