What are Google Penalties?


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The world is becoming more and more digital every day, and businesses have to count on the internet for making new connections and attracting customers. This means that as a business owner, you should know how search engines process data to make your website rank high and generate organic traffic. 

However, things are not so easy when it comes to dealing with Google. The search engine is well-known for updating its algorithms every day, leaving even the best SEO specialists scratching their heads. So, if you’re experiencing a sudden decline in your site’s traffic or your rankings have declined, you might have gotten a Google penalty. However, you can solve the issue by taking assistance from a Google Penalty Recovery Service. 

But, what are Google penalties? And how can you get rid of one? Continue reading to find out. 

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What is a Google Penalty?

A Google Penalty indicates that your target keyword rankings have taken a dip. In addition, it can also mean that your online site will not appear in the results. Moreover, your target customers may no longer discover you in their organic results. 

This sounds like a nightmare for any business. 

In addition, these penalties can affect almost anyone. They may either be caused by a weak digital marketing strategy or a genuine blunder. However, it’s easy to recover your previous rankings and get back on track with Google Penalty Recovery Service

How Does Google Penalize a Website?

Your website might receive a penalty from Google in two ways. In both circumstances, your site will rank low, and you’ll need to solve the problems.

Manual Google Penalties

If you’re suspecting a Google penalty, you may log in to the Google Webmaster Tools. Then, check if Google has sent you any notifications. In case your site is penalized, you’ll find a message. This indicates that Google analyzed your website and didn’t like it. 

Algorithmic Changes

Some penalties are automated, suggesting that your website’s setup or SEO strategy does not comply with Google’s most recent algorithm. In addition, Penguin and Panda are the two most usual algorithm penalties. Where Panda penalties are based on your site’s quality content. While Penguin penalties are mainly focused on the backlink profiles. 

How Can You Recover from a Google Penalty

Removing and recovering from a Google penalty isn’t as easy. So, if your online website has been penalized by Google, you must solve the problem and send an appeal to Google, requesting a reindex of your site. This will return your website to the results page, presumably allowing you to reclaim those lost rankings. 

However, If your website is penalized by an algorithm, you might still appear in the search result but at a considerably lower level than before. To fix the issue, you first need to diagnose the problem, such as does your site contains duplicate content, backlinks, etc. 

So, once you know the error, you may get the issue fixed and wait till your site is reindexed by Google. 

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