George Dickel Adds Un-Aged Whisky to Portfolio


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George Dickel is jumping on the un-aged bandwagon with its new ‘Foundation No. 1 Recipe’ white corn whisky. Over the last 140 years, this recipe has served as the backbone for where George Dickel whiskies including No. 8, No. 12 and Barrel Select began.

“For more than a century this Foundation No. 1 Recipe has been at the heart of our whiskies,” said John Lunn, George Dickel Master Distiller. “It has survived the Prohibition era and we’re proud to share it with adult consumers and bartenders around the country as a celebration of George Dickel’s legacy.”

From the distillery:  The whisky begins with an initial aroma that is soft, yet full of raw grain – not dissimilar from moonshine. However, those raw notes vanish upon a mellow and smooth first taste, with a creamy sweet corn flavor. The Chill Charcoal Mellowing process nods to George’s historic affection for “Winter Whisky” and gives the liquid a softer, smoother finish than traditional moonshines.

George Dickel White No. 1 Corn Whisky is bottled at 45.5 % ABV (91 proof) and will be distributed nationwide beginning in Jan., with a suggested retail price of $22/750ml.

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