How Electric Golf Carts Are Improving The Game In More Ways Than One

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When you think of golf you will probably think of a group of retired men meeting up a few times a week with to have a few pints and play a round of golf. The golf community are trying to be more inclusive to who plays golf – introducing it to school children and promoting to game to women. With a recent introduction of electric golf carts – it is opening the game up for everyone.

Electric Golf Carts

Getting Women & Children Playing Golf

As mentioned before, golf can be seen as mens sport – however golf clubs are encouraging more women and children to join. Clubs are entering schools and giving the opportunity for children to start playing as well as opening the club to women only tournaments and womens days.

Electric Golf Carts

Recovering Players

For those who are are injured, maybe they are recovering from a muscle injury or even a major operation, electric golf carts allow them to come on the golf course and play without worrying about standing and walking for any length of time.

Electric Golf Carts

Elderly Golfers

Many many people come into retirement looking for a hobbies to fill their time, and while many do not hesitate to take up golf with their closest friends, others find themselves making excuses. Staying active is incredibly important throughout our life but can be more difficult to achieve in old age. Mobility decreases with age and the stamina to stand and walk for any length of time so the opportunity use electric golf carts to ease pain and make the game more enjoyable for those less able is ideal.

Electric Golf Carts

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