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If you have just completed your driving crash course Glasgow, then you should be ready to sit your test. However, the thought of a driving test is still very nerve-wracking. If you want to succeed, and if your driving instructor feels that you are ready, here are some tips to help you ace the test first time.

Your driving crash course Glasgow will have given you all of the practical skills necessary, but here are some short reminders to help you pass that test and get on the road.

Mirrors. All the time.

One of the main things that people may receive minor faults for is observations. Make sure you check your mirrors at least every 4 seconds and ensure that you actually see what is happening to your left, right and behind the car.

When told to do something by the examiner, check your mirrors. They will watch you after they have asked the question to see if you are following through in the correct way.

This is especially important when turning, pulling out, signalling and manoeuvring.

Driving Crash Course Glasgow

Emergency stop or you’ve stalled? Look around.

If you have come to a stop, whether it is accidentally or on purpose, look around. You need to make sure the area is safe before you pull off. If you have stalled then try not to panic. Just make your observations then start off safely.

Take your time.

Even though you may be in a rush to complete the test, rushing is not advised. You will end up making mistakes. Just take your time and ensure you do not go over the speed limit.

It is better to get a minor for hesitation than to receive a major fault for making a dangerous manoeuvre because you were in a hurry.

Ask questions.

If you didn’t hear what the examiner said, ask them to repeat the question. If something out of the ordinary appears, like a parade or a set of complicated roadworks appears, ask if you should continue with the planned route.

Even if you make a mistake on the route and take a wrong turn, ask where they would like you to go instead. They should, however, tell you this immediately, so you shouldn’t worry.

Driving Crash Course GlasgowDriving Crash Course Glasgow: Know Your Area.

If you do happen to have done a driving crash course Glasgow, then you should know the area but make sure you have covered it extensively. A company such as All Pass Driving will have showed you all of the areas you will be driving in, and possibly even showed you some of the test routes as well.  This will ensure you are well prepared for the test ahead.

Good luck on your test, and happy driving!

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