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What is the Edinburgh nightlife scene like? The nights here are long and late, with a lot of clubs and bars to choose from. When it comes to going out, Edinburgh caters for both elegant old-schoolers and hip young rockers alike.

What Are The Best Edinburgh Nightlife Activities?

Edinburgh nightlife is renowned across the world for its vibrant and exciting nightlife scene. Edinburgh is a relatively small town compared to larger cities like London, Manchester or Liverpool, but this does not mean that it’s got less to offer. The Edinburgh nightlife, as it is referred to, actually has something for everyone, depending on your taste and mood. When it comes to nightlife, Edinburgh has got everything one might need for a fun night out; it’s got clubs, bars, pubs, theatres, comedy clubs and live music festivals.

Edinburgh nightlife

The Old Town Edinburgh is built on the traditional basis of the Scottish village. The old town has seen various changes over the years.  The heart of the city centre, known as the “Royal Mile” contains many of the bars and restaurants located in the Old Town. The Royal Mile and Princes Street is usually the most active area for going out, although Edinburgh’s other neighbourhoods are filled with bars and pubs worth exploring.  George Street is the main thoroughfare of the city and is lined with elegant bars and restaurants. Giraldus Street is the marketplace in Edinburgh. There is a large array of bars and restaurants located on Giraldus street.


Edinburgh nightlife is not limited to the bars and clubs mentioned above. Edinburgh’s North Circular Market is home to a number of craft stalls and is a great place for a bargain. Other popular areas for evening activities include the Broads, Shakespeare’s Globe theatre and the marquees at Edinburgh Castle. There is also a vibrant arts community in the South of the city, which includes the Earls Court and the Royal Edinburgh Palace. For those interested in theatre, there are the Old Theatre and the Lanes.

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Final Words

Edinburgh nightlife offers a mix of lively pubs and renowned cocktail bars, with an obvious focus on Scottish whisky in many of the bars. And for those who do not drink alcohol, they can choose from the wide selections of non-alcoholic cocktails that most of the places in Edinburgh offer.

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