Best Drinks To Order At A Bar In Scotland


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It doesn’t matter what type of restaurant or pub you frequent, the question of what are the best drinks to order at a bar will almost always come up. You don’t have to know every cocktail there ever was and their ingredient list backwards and forwards and sideways. But if you fancy yourself a fancy drinker then you need to have at least the basic understanding so when the time comes to make or order them, you don’t look like, heaven forbid a bar novice. Having a go-to cocktail for your special nights out in Scotland will make you look like you know how to party right.

If you want to be a smart drinker, then you should make sure you know what type of drinks is best to order at a bar, so that you will be prepared to impress your friends when you are having a party. Knowing the best types of drinks to order at a bar will also help you avoid some of the common mistakes that people make when they are at a bar.

drinks on a table

One of the best drinks to order at a bar is water…We’re kidding! Although it is not an absolutely bad sign to have water on the side, some people think it is a must as you need to be hydrated all the time.

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Cocktail garnishes have never before been so important to the making of great cocktails. Garnishing your cocktail with a lemon slice is a throwback to simpler times and an easy way to add a bit of character to your drink. A lemon slice garnish not only adds texture but also symbolizes cleanliness and order, which are what you’ll find in many cocktail bars today.

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