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Scottish whisky distilleries date back hundreds of years, and have a long and rich history of being made in Scotland.  The first written mention of whisky was in 1495, when a friar named John Cor wrote about his experiences with whisky. Scotch whisky is enjoyed all across the world, and thanks to the arrival of the digital age, whisky is now firmly cemented as one of the most popular alcoholic beverages.  Whisky companies are now turning to new methods of advertisement, and looking to SEO Glasgow companies to help them stand out in this billion-dollar market place.

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SEO Glasgow Is Changing Family Businesses

Whisky distilleries have long been run by Scottish families and collectives and are generally small organisations.  Nowadays, many of the big whisky brands are owned by big alcohol companies, like Diageo, which owns famous whisky brands such as Bells and Johnny Walker.  The operation of the distilleries is still left to the experienced blenders that have learned the traditional methods of whisky-making.  For these companies, new-age digital marketing techniques have allowed them to cast their net globally, and export their whisky on a much larger scale and reach a bigger audience. 


Understanding the Whisky Market

When people think of whisky they almost always think of Scotland as the main player in the industry.  While it is true that Scotland is the largest exporter of whisky in the world, there several other key mentions that should be included.  The USA is the second biggest exporter, with their famous Jack Daniels and Jim Beam whiskey bottles.  Canada comes in third for whisky production, followed by Ireland and then Japan.

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Digital Marketing in the Whisky World

Export of Scottish whisky has been growing year on year, thanks to social media, online marketplaces as well as other community influences and information on the different types of whisky out there.  Total exports last year almost reached £5 billion, up 7.8% from the previous year.  Over 10% of this total export figure is sent to the United States, which buys $£1.1 billion annually.

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Whisky and Whiskey: What’s the Difference?

To the undiscerning consumer, this difference may not seem that important, however to whisky purist this single letter is a pretty big deal.  Generally whisky is identified as coming from Scotland and other European countries, especially those that make single malt whisky.  Whiskey is usually from countries like America and Ireland, that are more popular for their blended whisky varieties.

Scotch Whisky

In Scotland there were regulations passed in 1988 that made sure the manufacture of whisky was kept to a high standard.  These regulations specified the exact processes that had to be done in order for a whisky to be called a Scotch Whisky.  This included the raw materials, the distillation process, the fermentation process and the maturation process.  Manufactures have to meet all of these specifications in order to be classed as a Scotch Whisky.  Within this classification, there is 2 types of Scotch, single grain whisky and blended whisky.

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