Where to Find a Wedding Band in Scotland for Your Big Day


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So you’ve finally popped the question, or your significant other has finally proposed, and you are now completely engulfed in planning all the details of your special day. There is an especially difficult choice to make when it comes to finding the right wedding band in Scotland, due to the uniquely distinct instruments and genres within Scottish culture. Bagpipes, pipe bands and ceilidh bands are thrown into the mix with the other standard options of jazz, blues, rock, soul and of course DJ. Choosing the right wedding band for your big day is one of the most underestimated tasks in the entire wedding planning process. You need to consider your budget as well as the music that you want to hear on the day you marry the love of your life, plus music that will keep your guests on the dancefloor all night. Below is a close look at the various options from leading wedding and function booker Elite Bands.

Lead singer holding a guitar and singing into the microphone upon stage as part of a wedding band in Scotland


Elite Bands manages no less than nineteen bands that are available to hire for your wedding day. Although the specialities and genres vary slightly from band to band, they all share in common the talent to perform one of the most electric and uplifting gigs you will ever experience. Every band in Elite Bands want to bring you joy and elation on your special day and promise to deliver a service that is second to none. Covering all the classics from Prince to the Killers there is a band suitable to everyone’s tastes and of course the first dance song will be learned accordingly.


For a more modern option than your traditional wedding band in Scotland you can opt for one of the three prestigious DJ’s managed by Elite Bands. First of all DJ Forrest is a flexible performer who plays a range of hit songs from the 70s through to today’s charts, however can also deliver club style sets comprising of house and trance music. DJ Kerr has an eclectic talent set known as a Rock, Rapper DJ who performs wedding functions in his spare time. DJ Kerr’s finest talent is knowing to read the room and deliver exactly what the crowd wants. Finally there is DJ Paddy Gordon who is an expert musician in weddings and corporate events. He is renowned for his impressive musical knowledge and caters to crowds ranging from Sweet 16ths to office parties.

Singers holding microphones as spotlights flood the stage at in indoor performance of a wedding band in Scotland.

Ceilidh Bands

If you are a stickler for traditional Scottish music for your wedding band in Scotland then a ceilidh band is certainly the way to go. Naturally, most people want a bit of variety for their wedding as there is only so many times you can play the Gay Gordons at one event so there is an option for a ceilidh and DJ mix. Alternatively you can hire a solo accordionist who is able to accompany any of the regular bands for one hour to host a ceilidh.

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