What Are the Health Benefits to Walking?


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Walking is a simple form of exercise that offers many health benefits, physically and mentally. High intensity workouts are not for everyone; therefore, walking can be used as an alternative.  Here are some of the top benefits that the exercise has to offer:

Cardiovascular Health

Your heart is the hardest-working muscle that exists in your body. It is important to keep it strong and healthy. Walking just 30 minutes per day is an excellent way of improving your cardiovascular health. Walking 5 times per week can decrease your heart disease risk by 19%.

Reduces Joint Pain

When you are walking, you are keeping your joints and muscles moving, which ultimately keeps them strong. If you suffer with joint pain, walking can slowly but surely strengthen the muscles that protects your joints. People who suffer from arthritis often find that walking also reduces their pain. Each week at a time, you can lengthen the distance that you walk to build more stamina and strength throughout your body.

Increase Energy Levels

The activity of walking encourages oxygen to move through the body which can increase your energy levels and decrease fatigue. The hormones that aid your body’s energy levels are elevated when walking reasonable distances. This is a much healthier option than drinking a cup of coffee or an energy drink.

Improvement of Mood

The act of walking also plays a part in improving your mental health. Studies have been carried out that shows walking reduces anxiety. It is more beneficial if this is done daily or 5 times per week for 30 minutes and carried on consistently each week.


Working out can seem like a tedious task and some may not be physically capable of high intensity exercises. Instead, walking can give people a healthy lifestyle without exerting themselves. Just 30 minutes per day can bring multiple health benefits to you physically and mentally. Pick your favourite route, pop in some headphones, and get walking today!

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