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This year, find somewhere different to spend your holidays. There’s no need to book into another holiday resort with other Brits and watch sub-par entertainment. Discover new places around the world and take each experience at your own pace. Learn about new cultures and indulge in local cuisine. This article has listed three of our top choices for holiday destinations this summer, although the world is a big place.

1.     Valletta, Malta

The capital city of Malta, this ancient city has a relatively small population. It is the furthest south capital in the whole of Europe and is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This year, 2018, the city is transformed as it holds the title of European Capital of Culture. This will mean hundreds of events being held in a variety of forms, from theatre to fireworks to food and opera.

Built in 1565, the city itself is very small and perfect for wandering around and getting lost in as you go from St John’s Cathedral to the new National Art Gallery, Muza.

On June 7th, there will be an incredible sea pageant in the harbour- a must see.
With parties all year and cultural gems hidden all over the city, this is a perfect destination for someone looking to explore and really envelope themselves in a culture.

2.     Hong Kong

Hong Kong seems to be developing at an exponential rate, and this year is no different with many new hotels opening and bars and restaurants popping up all over the city. If the incredible nightlife does not keep you gripped there is a 34-mile sea bride opened nearby in Macau, the world’s longest ever bridge of this kind.

A thought to keep in mind is that Autumn is actually the best time to go to Hong Kong, as it is slightly milder. For the wild at heart, there can sometimes be typhoons in the heart of summer. However, don’t let this put you off as the city doesn’t experience seriously bad weather often and the architecture and culture are just too interesting to miss out on.



3.     Vienna, Austria

Although one of the main capitals in Europe, Vienna always falls to the bottom rung of the ladder for popular holiday destinations. With Baroque palaces everywhere and stunning cathedrals on your doorstep, Vienna is a city steeped in culture and passion.

For the musically minded, the city was named the City of Music. This is due to its vast musical heritage and is often named the capital of Music in Europe. It was home to various famous musicians including Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and Brahms. Due to this, it is home to numerous opera houses, so for the classical lovers, this will be an awe-inspiring holiday to remember.


Always do your research and really read up on individual cultures before booking anything for this summer.

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