The Scotch Whisky Store Convention


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The Scotch Whisky Convenience Store in Edinburgh, Scotland has been holding a whisky convention every year to celebrate the spirit of the Scotch whisky distilling business. This is the biggest and most popular annual gathering of the entire industry. In the year’s leading month, the main show takes place at the Bell Hotel. Exhibitors from around the world travel to Scotland to attend this event, where they can promote their wares, meet fellow businessmen and learn more about the newest developments in the malt whisky and whistles of today.

From the moment you enter the venue, you are immediately greeted with a magnificent presentation. The building exudes a beautiful, regal style that will have you thinking you are in the world’s finest hotel. With plush, comfortable seating throughout the event, you are sure to be surrounded by rich, well-dressed men and women. In addition, there are over three thousand visitors who attend the whisky convention each year, making it one of the top events of the year for Scotch spirits.

In addition to enjoying the day-to-day offerings of distillers, visitors can also enjoy special tastings from some of the best international brands in the world. If you were not able to make it to the whisky convention in Edinburgh, don’t worry because there is a tasting tour that you can take. There are more than ten distilleries in the area, making it easy to find the perfect distillery for you. During your visit, you will also meet with some of the brand ambassadors and have the opportunity to mingle with fellow guests to discuss the latest innovations in malts. The brand ambassadors at the fair help visitors experience the dynamic world of Scotch whisky from an honest, third-party point of view.

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