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Many people consider switching to a private healthcare in their lives, whether that be a private dentist or doctor. People get fed up with the constraints associated with NHS treatment and seek a better alternative. Selecting a private dentist Glasgow has a whole host of benefits, some are listed below.

Benefits of Going to a Private Dentist

Just some of the advantages of going to a private dentist include;

Wider Selection of Treatments

When you go to a private dentist Glasgow, you will have a far wider selection of treatments available. For example, treatments such as teeth whitening aren’t available on the NHS, but you will be able to get it at a private dental clinic.

Focus on Giving the Best

Private dentists have no worries when it comes to funding. They are not restricted and have more time and money to spend on things such as the quality of treatment and the quality of equipment at their disposal. This makes for an all-around better experience for the patients.

Better Appointment Times

Private dental clinics tend to have more appointment space. When you do have an appointment you are not rushed out the door to let the next patient in, the private dentists will have no problem talking you through your treatment. Going to a private dentist should also allow you to get an appointment faster than you would if you were going to an NHS dentist.

A downside of going to an NHS dentist is that due to the long waiting times for appointments, preventative treatment may not come in time and you may end up with a worse problem than you started with. Purely because they couldn’t fit an appointment in for you.


Going to a private dentist is generally more expensive than the NHS with upfront costs. What many people don’t know (until they are faced with it) is that the NHS’s 3 band price structure has a whole host of hidden costs associated with their dental practices. With private dentistry, there is no hidden costs and no nasty surprises. Going to a private dentist may be more expensive upfront but when you choose the right dental clinic you are guaranteed cutting edge technology so at least you know where some of your money is going into.


If you have an emergency you may be put on a waiting list if you are with the NHS, this sort of defeats the point of an emergency if you need to wait for a long time to get treated. With private dentistry, you can pretty much walk in with an emergency and be seen – depending on how busy they are – but you will almost be guaranteed to be seen as soon as they can that day.

Looking for a Private Dentist Glasgow

If you are interested in switching to a private dentist Glasgow, then you’ll be pleased to know you have plenty of options. When switching dentist of any kind ensure you do the following;

  • Look at their website (if they don’t have one it’s probably best to avoid);

– Check what treatments they provide

– Check the quality of their website (does it look cheap or well put together?)

– Check for customer reviews

– Check for before and after photos of treatment

  • Go to the clinic;

– Chat with the staff

– Look around for cleanliness

– Get a consultation (good private dentists will often offer a free consultation because they are confident that you will want to choose their clinic)

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