How to Make Whisky Taste Better For You

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If you’ve been wondering how to make whisky taste better, here are some of the most common tips: Dilute it, add bitters, citrus, and ice cubes. Once you’ve mastered these three steps, you can perfect your whisky to its fullest potential. Here are some additional whisky taste improving tricks you can try! Read on to discover how to improve your whisky today! Then, share your own tips and tricks with others!

Diluting whisky

If you’re wondering how to make whisky taste better, you’re not alone. A study by physical chemists from Linnaeus University Centre for Biomaterials Chemistry found that diluting whisky makes it stronger and increases the aroma of the drink. Water also binds with the peaty compound guaiacol, which gives whisky its distinctive Smokey taste. To determine whether or not whisky is affected by water, researchers simulated whisky’s made with ethanol and water.

Adding bitters

Adding bitters to whisky is an ancient Aztec tradition. The bitters are derived from cacao beans and peppers. These two ingredients have been used in drinks for centuries. They add a spicy note to the spirit. They are a great addition to classic cocktails like the Manhattan. They also play well with ginger liqueur. Newer bitters producers like The Bitter Truth have an extensive line of flavours. They include grapefruit bitters, orange bitters, and more.

Adding citrus

Adding citrus to whisky is a great way to increase the flavour and aroma of a drink. Citrus fruits pair nicely with whisky, providing both health benefits in the winter and cooling relief in the summer. Lime is a popular citrus fruit, originating in India, which is a combination of grapefruit and pomelo. Lime juice is a great addition to the traditional Old Fashioned cocktail.

Adding ice cubes

Adding ice to a whisky drink can improve the flavor. Ice is known to make the whisky drink cool, which can calm down the alcoholic burn in the whisky. But whisky fans disagree, and often avoid adding ice to rare single malts. The colder a whisky drink gets, the less flavor it retains. Even global lager companies serve their beer ice-cold.

Adding rye

If you are looking for a way to improve the taste of your whisky, then you may want to consider adding rye to it. Rye is a type of American Whisky and is similar to bourbon. Both are made from fermented grains, water, and heat. They are both aged in oak barrels to develop their distinct flavours. Rye may be used as a single ingredient or mixed with other spirits and colouring.

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