Three Of The Best Hairstyles To Completely Change Your Look

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Nearly everyone has had that moment where they want to drastically change their hair. Immediately. If you don’t want to go completely all-in and get that pixie cut, there are some options.

From hairstyles that can be taken out with a brush and a wash, to some that would need a bit more maintenance, there are so many options. Have a look at our top three and see if there’s anything that takes your fancy.


Braids or plaits as they are sometimes known, are one of the best hairstyles to give you a really different look. They also provide a lot of versatility. There are so many options when it comes to braiding.

You can have French braids along the top of your head, you can have a big, country-style fishtail braid to one side. You could even just braid your ponytail for a slightly different look.

Some people have been taking it one step further and weaving ribbons or small hoops and beads into their braids in order to give them a bit more sparkle or edge.

Perfect for changing it up at festivals, or even just having a fresh new look at work.



A bolder option, bangs or a fringe might involve taking the scissors to your hair. Although, you should probably go to a professional.

You can make a fake fringe by pulling some of a ponytail to the front of your face, pinning it in place and hiding the pins with a cute headband (which is also a very on trend option). However, with bangs having so many options you might as well try it out. Go for long beachy side bangs that frame your face, or a short, blunt fringe à la Hayley Williams of Paramore. Both will completely change your image but can be hidden with a couple of pins if you need be, and don’t take too long to grow out if you feel it was a step too far.

Everything is worth trying!


Bold Colours

Time to get creative. Nowadays, you can dye your hair just about any colour in the world. People are doing so many different things with them, from rainbow coloured undercuts to bright neon roots and ombre shading.

If you want to start small, go for adding some blonde or brunette highlights or ombre. You could buy coloured extensions to try out the look without the commitment.

The best thing about this is that you can even buy wash in/wash out dyes so there’s really no risk involved. If you do go full hog, you can always dye it back!



Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration to go out and try some creative new hairstyles this summer!


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