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With the rise in the quality and accessibility of cosmetic surgery treatments, more and more people are open to the idea of enhancing their image through surgical techniques. A hair transplant is commonly used when people’s hair falls out and will no longer grow back naturally (e.g. people suffering from alopecia and male and female pattern baldness.) This article will bust some of the many myths associated with hair transplants and let you know where you can get a hair transplant Glasgow..

Myth: An Older Individual Cannot

Many people seem to think that once they get to a certain age they’re ‘past it’ and cannot get hair transplant surgery. What they don’t know is that age has nothing to do with it. What will determine if you are eligible for a hair transplant Glasgow is how suitable the hair is on the back of your head. This is because this is the most common donor site for this type of procedure. The surgeon should check this before you or they agree to the surgery.

Myth: The Final Result Looks Unnatural

The outcome of hair transplants that are done by experienced professionals is extremely natural. That after all is the aim of cosmetic surgery, if the results are noticeably fake then a bad job has been done.

Myth: Hair Transplant Only Works On Men

Hair transplant surgery works on both men and women, baldness in women is slightly different but can be rectified with a hair transplant. Generally, the supply of donor hairs needed is far smaller in women.

Myth: The Treatment Gives You Immediate Results

The treatment will not have immediate effects. Most of the hair will fall out within 3 weeks – but don’t worry – the roots of the hair will remain and start to grow. You may not start seeing results until 8 months after the treatment but should have a full head of hair between 9-12 months after.

Myth: New Hairs Will Grow On the Sight of the Donor

After the hairs have been taken from the donor site and transplanted into the recipient site, hair will no longer be able to grow at the donor site. Not to worry though, the donor’s hair is taken strategically so that you won’t notice a difference – especially when your new head of hair grows in.

Myth: Hair Restoration Results Are Temporary

This is partially true but has more to do with your existing hair than the transplant itself. The transplanted follicles will not fall out as long as they remain on the donor site. Your natural hair, however, may continue to fall out, this usually happens when a hair transplant is done prematurely. This can be rectified with more transplant surgery.

Interested in Hair Transplant Glasgow?

If you’re interested in getting a hair transplant Glasgow, it can be difficult trying to choose the right clinic. There are some many options out there nowadays that you won’t be stuck for choice. Just ensure you look at reviews and scope the clinic out for yourself before deciding.


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