All You Need To Know About Merchant City Indian Restaurants

merchant city Indian restaurant

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Within the heart of Glasgow city the merchant city is host to some of the most popular restaurants in the city. As well as having a wide range of shops and bars the merchant city is also one of the oldest and most renowned areas of the city thanks to is history. One of the best merchant city Indian restaurants that we visited was the Dahkin.

As well as being well located and visually impressive the Dahkin did not disappoint when it came to food and service. This is a trademark of merchant city Indian restaurants as on the whole the standards of service and the quality of the food is very high.


For merchant city Indian restaurants location is of course an important factor when considering which restaurant to choose within the merchant city. Having a restaurant located within the merchant city means that there is likely to be higher footfall from shoppers as well as visitors to the city who may visit the restaurant.

merchant city Indian restaurants

One of the great redeeming features about the merchant city is the architecture on the buildings located within it. There is a mixture of modern and old buildings which complement each other nicely add to the metropolitan feel of the area. As well as having impressive architecture , the merchant city also has a colourful history with that area of the city being used by merchants for hundreds of years to transport as well as sell goods within the city.

Food And Service

merchant city Indian restaurants

The overall food and service within Indian restaurants located within the merchant city is a big contributing factor when it comes to assessing the overall quality of the restaurant. When dining in a restaurant it is important that service is effective and the food is up to a good standard. When we visited the Dahkin located in the merchant city we found that the service was excellent and all the staff were very attentive and welcoming.

In terms of food quality we were not disappointed. All the dishes available in the restaurant were available with fresh ingredients and mainly made using traditional recipes which have been used for centuries. What really made a positive impression was the fact that this particular restaurant catered to those with allergies as well as vegetarians. This meat that the menu was filled with choices which were gluten and nut free as well as meat free allowing for much more inclusive dining and offering more variety to diners.

How Can Merchant City Indian Restaurants Be Improved?

Overall we found the food , quality and service within all the merchant city Indian restaurants we visited to be at very high levels. However there are of course small changes that can be made to these establishments to improve their performance overall. One key point is to increase footfall over normally quiet periods such as lunchtime.

One way in which this can be done is by increased promotion and marketing of lunchtime offers in order to attract more customers. Furthermore , providing incentives for reviews such as a free cake or cup of tea is an excellent way in which to generate positive publicity and feedback online.

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